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DRC x heywaitr

The industry organization for Denmark’s Restaurants & Cafés, DRC & heywaitr are pleased to be able to present a tailored solution to the members.

As a DRC member, you save DKK 3,000 on the first year's subscription!

Good reasons to use heywaitr

We help to reduce personnel costs, optimize your earnings, reduce waste and wrong orders and offer a take away system without towering commission.


Save operational and personnel costs

heywaitr ensures that guests can easily and simply order & pay from the digital menu, so you can keep your business running, even if, for example, there are fewer people at work. heywaitr eases the pressure on existing staff and significantly reduces errors – especially when it’s busy.


Optimize earnings via upselling and upselling

heywaitr can suggest drinks to go with the food – just like the waiter usually does. heywaitr can even follow up with the guest after they’ve ordered a beer to ask if they want one more. Just as a skilled waiter would have done. heywaitr remembers to ask the right questions every time based on the order.


Complete dine-in and take-away system in one

heywaitr is a complete dine-in & take away system in one. If you also have guests who collect their take away themselves, then save the high commission prices. Your guests simply order via the heywaitr app or via heywaitr web ordering. heywaitr supports all browsers and devices, and is full-circle on all orders inside and outside the house.

Packages and prices

We optimize your business by saving on expenses and increasing your earnings.


Basic version for taking orders
DKK 349
  • 1 POS tablet
  • 1 voucher printer
  • Setup of menu
  • Telephone & email support
  • Standard stickers
  • Standard Skip the queue poster
  • Startup fee 7.495 kr. (one-time fee)


Additional sales and upsales
DKK 845
  • Startup fee 9.995 kr. (one-time fee)
  • 1 POS tablet
  • 1 Bar Printer
  • 1 Kitchen Printer
  • Setup of menu
  • Telephone & email support
  • Take away platform for the website
  • Specially designed stickers & posters
  • Finance system integration
  • HeyAutomatedPush - Automatic additional sales
Most popular


Loyalty and integration
DKK 1345
  • Startup fee 9.995 kr. (one-time fee)
  • 1 POS tablet
  • 1 Bar Printer
  • 1 Kitchen Printer
  • Setup of menu
  • Telephone & email support
  • Take away platform for the website
  • Specially designed stickers & posters
  • Finance system integration
  • HeyAutomatedPush - Automatic additional sales
  • HeyStranger - Coupons for new customers
  • HeyFriends - Coupons for exsisting customers
  • HeyStampcard - Loyalty stampcard

What has heywaitr meant for our customers?

heywaitr creates results that can be seen on the bottom line in the form of savings and increased earnings.
See what this has meant for our customers below.

What do your guests say about it? "They have been surprisingly positive. Most guests use heywaitr without us having to guide them."

Helen Jensen

Restaurateur & owner of Café Ulla Terkelsen London

Café Ulla Terkelsen London Kastetvej 36, 9000 Aalborg

What made you choose a digital solution as a supplement to the existing service?

“I wanted to optimize our workflow and avoid too long waiting times”

What has this meant for the guests sitting outside?

“The guests on the terrace love the solution. This now applies to the whole store, as it is divided into several levels, we have 2 floors inside”

What has this meant for your business?

“It has a big impact on the business, both financially and more efficiently. It’s a different kind of service, but that certainly doesn’t make it worse, especially with the humorous push messages. The best thing is to make people have fun.”

IDA Conference

"What has having heywaitr in the house meant for the staff?"

“More structure and the satisfaction of being able to provide a good service despite fewer colleagues on duty”.

"What has having heywaitr meant for turnover?"

“We have increased our revenue for concerts & events”.

"What is your favorite feature of heywaitr?"

“It’s that there is a name on the voucher, so we have the opportunity to provide a more personal service by allowing our skilled waiters to use the guest’s name the next time he/she passes the table”.

"Would you recommend heywaitr to others?"

“Without a doubt, already done it”!

"We have increased our revenue for concerts & events".

Pia Remillard

General Manager IDA Conference A/S

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Most common questions

The most asked questions about heywaitr. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to receive the orders?

The orders come in via a tablet and when you accept the order, a voucher is then printed for internal use.

Should we replace all our current systems?

No, heywaitr exists together with your current POS system, table reservation system etc.

Is there a printer for the system?

Yes, heywaiter comes with a printer, so you can run coupons internally as always. However, it is optional.

What if we run out of something?

Then you can simply save the dish, the wine, the cake or whatever it may be from the menu with a few clicks.

What about payment for order?

Users pay via credit and debit card, mobilepay or kevin (bank to bank) directly in the app. You will have more payment options than you have today.

Can you have more printers and tablets?

Yes, you can easily have several printers and tablets connected. As standard, 1 POS tablet and 1 printer are included with the solution.

What about support?

Our support is always available. We can control your solution remotely, so we can help with the same on-the-spot and see the same as you.

What about when it's busy?

There is built-in functionality where you can coordinate expectations with the customer if there is a little extra waiting time.

Do you pay a % part of the turnover?

No, you pay a fixed annual price so you know your expenses.

Can you run larger companies and events?

Yes, we have customers who regularly run concerts & events with 500+ visitors. Our system is pressure tested and stable over many visits.

What if we cannot deliver an order that has been accepted?

You can refund the order via your tablet or the backend, which has a built-in security factor, so the system requires a reason for the refund.

What do we do if we have both a cold and hot kitchen and 2 bars?

heywaitr has cloudprint, so we can split orders up to different printers and tables in relation to needs. heywaitr can be used in food markets, hotels with several restaurants as well as sports and concert arenas.

Can you get your own app?

heywaitr basically recommends heywaitr’s overall platform as it has access to existing food and drink-loving users. However, if you have a larger venue or several outlets and want your own app, we can also help with that. Base your new app on a pressure-tested system and avoid expensive lessons, mistakes and frustration.

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