Loyalty tools

heywaitr’s skilled IT chefs are constantly working to improve the menu and make our solution even better for you. We have updated the menu and launched 3 loyalty tools, tailored to the industry.


By following/liking a place on heyWaitr, users get exclusive access to special offers and unique experiences via the heyFriends campaigns. Users can find and use these offers directly in the app, just like with heyStranger. This initiative promotes loyalty and allows our restaurateurs to create tailored experiences for their most engaged guests, thus increasing the frequency of visits. The campaigns can be found directly in the app and are immediately exposed to more than 10,000 users.


With heyStranger, we want to open the doors for our restaurateurs to present exciting culinary experiences to our more than 10,000 users. The campaigns must be exclusive offers and experiences that are available to all users on our platform. We thus motivate our users to discover those of our restaurateurs that they have not visited before or want to visit again. We want to give our users a place where they can find and try new dishes, events and drinks in order to increase awareness of our restaurateurs, and not least generate new first-time customers for our restaurateurs. The campaigns can be found directly in the app and are immediately exposed to more than 10,000 users.


We call our new feature in the heywaitr app heyStampcard: the customized stamp card. HeyStampcard is an advanced version of the traditional loyalty card. With this new tool, restaurateurs can offer users of the app unique cutting cards, adapted exactly to the restaurateurs’ wishes. The clip card is fully dynamic across products, categories, and the restaurateurs themselves can choose what they want to reward their loyal users with and what should trigger clips. Once the clip cards are set up, the heywaitr system takes care of everything from providing the correct clips to rewarding the loyal users. There is no administration required.