What has heywaitr meant for our customers?

heywaitr creates results that can be seen on the bottom line in the form of savings and increased earnings.
See what this has meant for our customers below.

What do your guests say about it? "They have been surprisingly positive. Most guests use heywaitr without us having to guide them."

Helen Jensen

Restaurateur & owner of Café Ulla Terkelsen London

Café Ulla Terkelsen London Kastetvej 36, 9000 Aalborg

What made you choose a digital solution as a supplement to the existing service?

“I wanted to optimize our workflow and avoid too long waiting times”

What has this meant for the guests sitting outside?

“The guests on the terrace love the solution. This now applies to the whole store, as it is divided into several levels, we have 2 floors inside”

What has this meant for your business?

“It has a big impact on the business, both financially and more efficiently. It’s a different kind of service, but that certainly doesn’t make it worse, especially with the humorous push messages. The best thing is to make people have fun.”

IDA Conference

"What has having heywaitr in the house meant for the staff?"

“More structure and the satisfaction of being able to provide a good service despite fewer colleagues on duty”.

"What has having heywaitr meant for turnover?"

“We have increased our revenue for concerts & events”.

"What is your favorite feature of heywaitr?"

“It’s that there is a name on the voucher, so we have the opportunity to provide a more personal service by allowing our skilled waiters to use the guest’s name the next time he/she passes the table”.

"Would you recommend heywaitr to others?"

“Without a doubt, already done it”!

"We have increased our revenue for concerts & events".

Pia Remillard

General Manager IDA Conference A/S

"We have increased our turnover, reduced both personnel costs and waste"

Anders Buhl Khiljee

Restaurateur & owner of Tisvilde Bistro

Tisvilde Bistro

"Who is Tisvilde Bistro?"

“We are Tisvilde’s nicest restaurant, welcoming you to intimate acoustic concerts under open starry skies on the terrace.”

"Why did you choose heywaitr?"

“We have a really hard time finding waiters and 300-400 guests come when we are open. We primarily use young people who serve food & drinks and clear tables. The guests use heywaitr to order & pay, so our waiters have more time to be close to the guests and keep the restaurant tidy”

"What has it meant to you, having heywaitr?"

“We have increased our turnover, reduced our personnel costs and reduced our waste”